Friday, February 8, 2008

Do you use firefox to store your passwords?

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Often when we enter our User Id and password detail to the website of our choice while browsing using Firefox, a modal dialog pops up asking us whether we would like Firefox to remember the username/password for that site.

Often, many people i know use this feature of Firefox without understanding the pain points associated with it. Let me show you how easy it is for anyone accessing your firefox to actually gain access to your Username and Password combinations.

In order to reveal the username and password combinations stored by you in Firefox follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Click on Tools -> Options using the drop down menu.
  • Click on Security tab within the menu shown
  • Click on the tab called Show Passwords.
  • A pop up called Remember Passwords opens up.
  • Click on the button ‘Show Passwords’ to reveal all the saved passwords.
  • Click on Hide Passwords to hide the passwords again.

So now you know, next time you go for a coffee break, ensure that you locked up your computer from the prying eyes of others.

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