Thursday, August 9, 2007

Youtube: Tech Tutorials

Youtube has always fascinated with the kind of business opportunities it provides. Youtube not only provides you links on various humorous videos, tv shows, comedy, autos etc… it also does present before you some of the most wanted tutorials.. Yes, you got it right.. I am talking about Video Tutorials. I tried to compile a list but then there are so many.. So just putting below some of the many easy to find Tech Tutorials from Youtube… check them out at your leisure.

Do comment if you find them interesting :)



Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Google Mistakes Own Blog for Spam, Deletes it

Readers of Google Inc.’s Custom Search Blog were handed a bit of a surprise Tuesday when the Web site was temporarily removed from the blogosphere and hijacked by someone unaffiliated with the company.

The problem? Google had mistakenly identified its own blog as a spammer’s site and handed it over to another person. more>>

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Did you ever thought of converting your text documents to Audio files and stuff them in your iPod/iPhone so that you could listen to them at your leisure. What great fun it would be if you could do so. The good news is that this is now possible, with a software called Text2Aloud. The software is available for free trial download. However, if you would like to use it forever you definitely need to shed off some of your hard earned dollars ;)

In order to setup the program and get on board please follow the steps below:

1. Download and install TextAloud2.
2. Open the TextAloud2 program.
3. Go to File - Open and select the file you want to convert to audio. You can change the file name that appears in the Title field if you choose. Remember where you save this file as you will need to navigate to it later.
4. Click the Speak To File button.
5. Choose where you would like to save the new audio file, and select OK to start the process. Wait for the process to complete.
6. When the process is complete, drag the audio file into your iTunes library.

Also note that the voice might sound very much computer like, however, if you would like to hear a more smooth and clear voice, i believe AbleReader is an alternative that is both Mac and Windows compatible and uses “AT&T Natural Voices” (16kHz audio).

So if you are a nature conservationist, this is the way to go. In the end, who wants to carry the hard paper printed documents home ;)



Monday, August 6, 2007 Future of Photo Printing has arrived is one of the startup idea’s that really made me say ” WOW”. The idea of the site is pretty simple; you upload pictures directly from the digi cam/ scanned copies from your computer to the website and the site delivers you the hard copies of the same and that too within an acceptable time. which was founded by Manish and Kartik, students from IIT Mumbai, offers various solutions from Photo Prints, Photo Mugs, Photo T-Shirts, Photo Greetings to Photo Calendars.

During my short meeting with Manish and Kartik, i found the guys to be extremely passionate and confident about their product. Some of the future ideas they shared with me sound even better. I believe the co-founders have enough charisma to take picsquare to the new orbit.Also with attractive pricing and prompt delivery timelines, i believe has miles to go.

Click here to check out Picsquare


Saturday, August 4, 2007

Top 10 Password Crackers .. REVEALED.

Here we go with the list.
  1. MessenPass 1.04 : Reveal passwords of instant messenger applications such as MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger.
  2. FileZilla PWDump 0.1 : FileZilla PWDump is a utility that dumps all FileZilla (client) credentials from the Windows Registry and decrypts the passwords.
  3. KMd5 1.03b: An Md5 hashes cracker for lists (lists of hash or lists of word, but an incremental mode is available as well).
  4. LCP 5.04 : Main purpose of LCP program is user account passwords auditing and recovery in Windows NT/2000/XP/2003
  5. RockXP 3.0 : Retrieve your lost XP system passwords, retrieve and change your XP Key.
  6. UnSecure: Remote on-line password cracker.
  7. Brutus : Another remote on-line password cracker
  8. VNCrack : VNC password cracker
  9. PKCrack : Breaking Pk-Zip Encryption.
  10. Cain/Abel NT/2K/XP Password Cracker : Cain and Abel is a password recovery tool for Microsoft Operating Systems.

Get a hang of them people. Keep visiting and keep commenting my page for more. :)



Wat is the difference between JDK and JRE?

A lot of times, we have seen that people ( obviously novices in the field of java) dont know the exact difference between JDK and JRE. Just to make Java get a lil more closer to our readers, we thought of putting up the difference between the two in this writeup.

“JDK” is the Java Development Kit. I.e., JDK is a bundle of software that you can use to develop Java based software. The “JRE” is the Java Runtime Environment. I.e., the JRE is an implementation of the Java Virtual Machine which actually executes the Java Programs.Typically, each JDK contains one (or more) JRE’s along with the various development tools like the Java source compilers, bundling and deployment tools, debuggers, development libraries, etc.

Look, so simple it was.. ..

Technofriends Team

Write a Java Application without a main() method

Here we are.. this time with a small Java tip.. being Java fans..we just cant wait to post on Java. So, decided to start of with something which most of us might not be aware of.
You can write a runnable Java program which does not have main method at all. This can be done using the static block of the class.

The reason this works is that static initialization blocks get executed as soon as the class is loaded, even before the main method is called. During run time JVM will search for the main method after exiting from this block. If it does not find the main method, it throws an exception. To avoid the exception System.exit(0); statement is used which terminates the program at the end of the static block itself.

class MainMethodNot
{ static
System.out.println(“This java program has run without the main method”);

How to Open Password Protected PDF’s

There are sometimes genuine reasons to unlock or crack a password protected PDF file. You have the legal right to open the encrypted PDF document but forgot the password like in the case below.
Say one of your former colleague created some critical sales reports in PDF format but he is not working with the company anymore. In his absence, you have no option but to crack the PDF password in order to open, read or print these PDF files.
There are basically two types of PDF protection - the original PDF creator can either restrict opening the PDF file itself or he can restrict others from modifying, printing or copying text and graphics from the PDF file. Read More >>

Technofriends Team

Google Cheat Sheet.

This two page Google Cheat Sheet lists all Google services and tools as well as background information. The Cheat Sheet offers a great reference to grasp of basic to advance Google query building concepts and ideas. more>>

281 Best Admin Tools

We thought of bringing to you the some good admin tools and found one cool website for it. Here you go with it >>
The site features some of the best tools for database, email, hard disk, internet, linux, macintosh, network, scripts, virus, and windows.
Go check out for yourself here>>

Technofriends Team

How to get free available memory in Java program

Continuing with our interest for java, I decided to write something about getting free avaialble memory in Java program. Below, i am putting the code snippet which will print the total and free memory at runtime to the console.

public class MemoryExp {
public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println(”Total Memory”+Runtime.getRuntime().totalMemory()); System.out.println(”Free Memory”+Runtime.getRuntime().freeMemory());

Vaibhav Pandey

Top 10 iPhone Apps

The much-anticipated iPhone hits the streets today. While developers and users alike aren’t thrilled that third-party iPhone apps are limited to the web, you might be surprised at the impressive offerings that have already been developed for new iPhone users. Today’s top 10 features the best iPhone applications that should be ready for your iPhone as soon as you pull the shiny monnolith from its coveted black box.more>>

Vaibhav - Hacker’s Database

This site is dedicated as a repository for “hacking” programs for Windows and Linux. Please note that hacking means nothing but tweaking or cleverly resolving a problem. Use the programs as you wish, but this site or its provider are not responsible in terms of how you use these programs, (i.e. for educational purposes only).


Backing up Google: Brought to you by

Lifehacker has came out with another good article on Google Backups… jes go on to read more about it here
Amit Agarwal of tech blog Digital Inspiration tells us how to burn Youtube videos to DVD’s.
How to create a DVD movie of video downloaded from Google Video, Youtube or Myspace so that these videos can be watched on the TV screen ? more>>


Twitter and Productivity has written a good article on Twitter and the ways for increasing productivity using it. Lifehack in this article, talks about the ways to boost your productivity by using the twitter, the tool we love to hate
In this article, the author talks about ways to use Twitters as

  1. To Do List.
  2. Business Management Tool.
  3. Newsletter
  4. People Management Tool.

You can read more about the article here>>

Refine Google to Search File Types (Level: Pretty Easy)

Copy {-inurl:(htmhtmlphp) intitle:”index of” +”last modified” +”parent directory” +description +size +(docpdftxt) ” Search terms”} into the search bar and replace Search terms with a document title to find open indexes that contain downloadable text files. You can change the files being searched from (docpdftxt) to (mp3wmawav) to find audio files or indeed to include any other file extension you may need.
If all this copying and pasting is too much, you can also visit G2P (Google to Person) under, which offers an input-field interface to Google searches like the example given above to help locate open directories or otherwise shared files.
Technofriends Team.

SnagIt: A must have software

When I first started in IT, one of the first and most useful recommendations I received was to install SnagIt
It is one of the nicest little programs I’ve used, and deserves a tip all to itself.
The BlurbSnagIt is a powerful Windows image, text, video, and Web image capture program with many features and options. Use SnagIt to save time and enhance your screen shots.
Getting startedUsing SnagIt is easy. You can use the preloaded Profiles, or select the capture mode, Input and Output from the Capture Settings pane, then click the Capture button to start the capture. To set your own capture settings, do the following:
Although I personally use SnagIt almost exclusively for capturing images, there are a few other options available that may be interesting for many users.
Select the capture mode under Tools. SnagIt can capture images, text, video and the Web
Select the Input. The Input defines what you want to capture. If you select Screen, SnagIt will capture the entire screen. If you select Window, then you get to click on the window that you want to capture. Check out the other Input options available to you and play with them
Select the Output. Output is where you want the capture to go. You can send the capture to the printer, Clipboard, file, etc.
Click the Capture button, or use the hotkeys to start the capture. By default, the SnagIt capture hotkey is Ctrl+Shift+P. Some Input options require you to then select what you want to capture. If the Input is set to Window, click on the window that you want to capture. If it is set to Region, drag out a region by holding down the left mouse button and dragging the mouse
If the SnagIt Preview Window is enabled, after you take the capture the capture is displayed in the SnagIt Capture Preview Window. Pressing the Finish button will send the capture to the output that you have selected. Pressing the Cancel button will abort the capture. To enable or disable the Capture Preview Window, select Options > Preview Window icon from the in the Capture Settings pane.
Note to video capture: See the TechSmith Website if experiencing problems with video playback.
Related link: ( Thanks Peter for letting me know about this fabulous link )

Spice Mobile to launch Dual Mode Phones in India

Spice Mobile is trying to capture 10 percent stake in the mobile market in India. The company has announced that it shall be offering dual mode phones in India. Dual mode phones will be capable of having two sim’s. One CDMA and the other GSM.

The company is also going to launch ‘People’s phone’ costing less than Rs 1000.
The Hindu quotes ” The Spice Dual comes with two variants D-88 which supports both GSM and CDMA active connections at the same time and Spice Dual D-80, which supports two GSM and GSM active connections which is useful for travellers operating in the local area. The price of D-80 is Rs 9849, while D-88 is yet to hit the market.”
Sounds cool…. isn’t it.Cheers,

Friday, August 3, 2007

Free Softwares at

Who in this world doesn’t want to get licensed original softwares for free. But alas, in this world of ego, selfishness and cruelty, some people have still found out a way to make money giving free softwares.
The business model of is a win win solution for both publishers and clients. Giveawayoftheday quotes as saying ” Basically, every day we nominate one software title that will be a Giveaway title of that day. The software will be available for download for 24 hours (or more, if agreed by software publisher) and that software will be absolutely free. That means - not a trial, not a limited version - but a registered and legal version of the software will be free for our visitors*.”
“We will pay the software publisher for the Giveaway license, and our visitors will only receive those after downloading a special verification program and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, thus protecting software publishers’ interests and making our initiative beneficial for both clients and publishing companies.
We believe that Giveaway of the day will allow both publishers and clients to meet each other and win together with our initiative.”
What more, there’s a Game Giveaway of the day as well… check it out at
What more do you want from life ;)

Bluetooth hacking: Essential tools.

BlueScanner; BlueSniff; BTBrowser; BTCrawler; BlueBugger; CIHWB; Bluediving; Transient Bluetooth Environment Auditor; Bluesnarfer; BTcrack; Blooover II; BlueTest; BTAudit.


Access Blocked Websites: The simple way :)

Blocking access to undesirable Web sites through the use of Internet protocol filters has been a common government tactic since commercial Internet access first became available here in 1995. China and Saudi Arabia are believed to extend greater censorship over the net than any other country in the world under the pretext of information control.
Most of the blacklisted sites in Saudi Arabia are either sexually explicit or about religion, women, health, drugs and pop culture. They even block access to websites about bathing suits. So if you want to buy something to swim in, they seem to treat that as if it were pornographic in Saudi Arabia. more>>

Serial Numbers and CD Keys of Softwares brought to you by Google.

Software License details of Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, Microsoft Office, Windows XP and tons of other software can easily be located on Google by running this simple query:
“Belarc Advisor Current Profile” “Software Licenses” “Software Name“ key:
These are actually real software inventory reports generated by Belarc Advisor, a popular tool often used to backup software licenses.
The only problem is that innocent users have placed these HTML reports in public directories of their web servers, the search engine spiders index them and in-turn expose the secret software keys to the whole world.
Though most new Adobe and Microsoft software will require additional web or phone activation, that is not mandatory if the Belarc reports have Volume License keys. Scary.