Saturday, August 4, 2007

Spice Mobile to launch Dual Mode Phones in India

Spice Mobile is trying to capture 10 percent stake in the mobile market in India. The company has announced that it shall be offering dual mode phones in India. Dual mode phones will be capable of having two sim’s. One CDMA and the other GSM.

The company is also going to launch ‘People’s phone’ costing less than Rs 1000.
The Hindu quotes ” The Spice Dual comes with two variants D-88 which supports both GSM and CDMA active connections at the same time and Spice Dual D-80, which supports two GSM and GSM active connections which is useful for travellers operating in the local area. The price of D-80 is Rs 9849, while D-88 is yet to hit the market.”
Sounds cool…. isn’t it.Cheers,

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