Monday, October 22, 2007

Send Free SMS in India using 160by2

After having written a post on making a free phone call using Fring in my post How to make a free call using fring, i was in the process of researching for a free SMS service to send SMS in India, during this, i came across a few services which do make this possible. In my coming posts, i will try to present with you few of the services which can be used to send Free SMS in India. One such service is 160by2 and in this post i intend to discuss on the various features provided by them.160by2 (Click on the image to see an enlarged version)

160by2 is a SMS Marketing service launched in India by smscountry networks. The service allows users to send Free SMS messages through their website. Using 160by2 service, users can send free SMS of 80 characters. The rest 80 characters are filled in by the service with contextual advertisements.
The web interface is pretty interesting and easy to use.

Some of the features provided by 160by2 are:

  • Sending same message to multiple users.
  • Sharing of messages with other users.
  • Users can maintain their contact information in address books.
  • Group messages feature. ( although i still need to test this)

Invitations to 160by2 can be obtained by accessing their webpage here

Try it out and share your experiences in the comments.

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